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Published On: May 30, 2016
Author: Eric Oliver

Start Your Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is a plan to reach specific goals through social media channels with a central message. Why create your social media strategy?

A social media strategy is a plan to reach specific goals through social media channels with a central message. Social media is a marketing outlet that is alive and responsive. It is an inexpensive and invaluable method of marketing. Have a strategy!


You may wonder why you can’t post randomly on Facebook and call it a day. You can but without a strategy, your efforts will be aimless and even fruitless. With a strategy you will have:

  • Specific goal(s).
  • With specific goals you will most likely have achievable goals.
  • With specific and achievable goals you will have measurable results!

Why make an effort on social media without measuring your progress towards whatever your goal is? Why make an effort on social media without any goals in mind?


Your business has a gift to offer the world. Defining this in a strategy shows yet again that benefit drives consumer behavior. Define these benefits and research who would love these them. Explore Facebook interest groups and watch the conversations. What are their other interests? What hashtags do they use on Twitter and Instagram? With these findings, you’ll have a loose profile.


Having this profile gives you a focus for what content you create for them. What are the best ways to reach the people fitting this profile? Is it through contests, humor, or vulnerability? Make a list of hashtags to use. Alway keep in mind what you are giving to your followers. Is it worth their time in their busy lives? Can they get what you are offering elsewhere?


Next thing to write down is your plan of implementation. When is the best time to reach your profile? What social media outlets are best? How frequently can you devote to creating content? Start finding ways to make it a part of your lifestyle. Write down content ideas for later. Have a weekly schedule and stick to it… then adjust to what works for you. There are plenty of resources out there to help you maintain your social media pages that can make keeping a schedule easier. Measure your results and adjust. Always remember to keep your focus. Now you have a strategy to measure your progress that gives you room for adjustment and growth. Creating a strategy is very involved and can be overwhelming. Consider giving Future Design Group the opportunity to help you in your social media strategy!

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Oliver

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience designing and developing websites, Eric has worked in every position of the agency ladder. He is fluent in multiple backend and front end programming languages and has written multiple international best selling plugins for WordPress. He has been part of or is still part of many startups. He is the Director of Website Development for Future Design Group and one of it's founding partners.