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Published On: April 28, 2021
Author: Kelly Oliver

Supplement Digital Marketing with Traditional Methods

Digital marketing may be king of the world, but having a plan for traditional marketing that can supplement your digital is the way to go.

Marketing can be divided into two broad categories that most strategies fall into pretty well: digital marketing and traditional marketing. Given the surge towards eCommerce the world has experienced over the last year, it’s understandable that digital marketing takes a stronger stance in the marketing industry. That doesn’t mean that traditional methods are without their uses, however.

Radio Marketing Spots

Video may have killed the radio star, but the radio itself is alive and well. Whether it’s news broadcasting, talk show radio, or any of several genres of music, there are a ton of radio stations that have solid followings that you can tap into with a radio spot ad. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should pay for ad time on any and every radio station and expect quality results. For a radio spot to be effective for your business, you need to identify radio stations whose listeners belong to the groups of consumers you want to attract. There are probably multiple stations that fit that qualifier, so you should have some nice options to choose from.

TV Advertising

Speaking of video, TV advertising can be a great way to supplement your digital marketing. The average adult spends 36% of their media time watching TV. Considering that adults often spend about half their day on media, that’s a pretty solid block of time. TV ads aren’t typically very long, but even the shortest ones can be long enough to catch the attention of viewers when done right. If effective, it can lead to consumers searching for your business online, where your digital marketing strategies can then take over.

Branded Swag for Marketing

Part of the purpose of marketing is to raise awareness of your business. When it comes to raising awareness, branded swag that you distribute to consumers can be a great way to keep your business in front of them. If you want to capitalize on that opportunity, distribute branded swag that has useful, practical purposes. Pens, t-shirts, hats, blankets, and water bottles are just some of the many types of swag you could hand out. Because these items are useful, consumers are more likely to keep them, see them, and use them. That increases the chances that your business is the one they think of when they need your services or products.

Supplementing digital marketing with traditional methods can be beneficial for businesses. Advertising your business via ads broadcasted on the radio and aired on TV and raising awareness via branded swag are all great methods worth looking into. You may find that these methods give you opportunities to reach out to portions of your customer base that you would otherwise have missed without them.

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Kelly Oliver, Chief Financial Officer

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Kelly Oliver

Chief Financial Officer

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