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Published On: July 25, 2016
Author: Allyson Gamard

Time to Time Management

Timemanagement is important to get tasks done and done well. Today’s blog will discuss what time management is, and then offer some tips to stay on track.

Where does the time go?  Why does it seem that there is never enough of it?

Time management is important to get tasks done and done well.  Finding enough time can seem overwhelming, especially when trying to run a business or finish work for a client’s deadline.  Today’s blog will discuss what time management is, and then offer some tips that can help keep tasks on track.

Defining Time Management?

Wikipedia defines time management as, “the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, or productivity.”

In other words, time management is how one plans and uses their time to efficiently and properly complete tasks.  Whether projects are big or small, organizing and using a plan can greatly help projects run smoothly from start to finish.  Planning keeps everyone on the team on the same page in terms of where the project is, and it also can reduce the stress of upcoming deadlines.

Time for Tips!

Understanding how time management can help your business is a great starting point.  Below are some tips to either start a time management plan or add to an existing one.

  • Time Audits
    Either for a day or a week, write down all that you do in the time period.      Review and audit; look over where and how time is being spent.  Adjust as needed.
  • Prioritizing/Planning
    Making a list in hierarchy order, from most important to least.
  • Learning to Say No
    If you do not have time, then you do not have time. It is better to say no than try to make something happen that cannot.
  • Ignore Email and Social Media
    Removing distractions can help maintain productivity.  Start by moving your cell phone out of reach to minimize email and social media use.  When it is time for work, it is time for work.
  • Cluster Similar Tasks
    Grouping similar activities together helps to produce in less time.
  • Delegating Responsibilities
    Assigning tasks gives more time for prioritizing and can empower others to continue to do great work.
  • Reward Yourself
    Note that no one is perfect and that any small victory is a step to success. Give yourself props!

Time to Bring It All Together

Time management can definitely be a struggle, but with the right skills, a good attitude, and a plan of action, success can happen. Finding enough time to get everything done may not come naturally, but with proper time management you can utilize what time you have to your advantage.  Start with a simple plan and continue from there, small steps lead to greater rewards.

You can work for your time, or make time work for you.




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Allyson Gamard, Lead Designer

About the Author

Allyson Gamard

Lead Designer

Allyson obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in 2009 with an emphasis in marketing management. She holds art degrees in both Graphic Design and Web Development, and is certified in both disciplines. Areas of special knowledge include: typography, illustrating, photo-editing, page layout, and creative problem solving.