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Published On: June 20, 2018
Author: Kelly Oliver

5 Reasons Businesses Need a Mobile App

Wondering if your business needs a mobile app? Take a look at our top 5 reasons why you need mobile apps and why your business should think about it.

Deciding whether you want a mobile app for your business is tricky. After all, you have the option to also use a mobile-friendly site instead. But apps can be great for retaining engagement and play a large role in the overarching scheme of things, as customers frequently consult their phones one way or another in the buying process. So here are some reasons why your business should at least consider getting a mobile app:

1. Increase Revenue and Improve Sales with a Mobile App

The business generated from mobile apps is expected to surpass a global revenue of $180 billion in 2020. Any business that appropriately uses advertising techniques, sponsorships and marketing are able to reap the benefits of having its own mobile app. Given that the global trend of users looking for their favorite brands’ apps continues to grow it is ultimately obvious that organizations and companies that invest appropriately in their own app and marketing should have amazing sales and revenues moving forward.

2. Many Customers Prefer a Mobile App

The most recent Apple smartphone celebrates the 10 years of the iPhone. This decade mark has proven beyond doubt that consumers like and many prefer mobile apps. Additionally, the competitors of your company are most likely targeting the mobile market. Make sure that your company does not get left behind.

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Need a Mobile App

3. Improve Engagement with a Mobile App

The growing trend, which is now considered a standard, is that consumers want to experience the easiest way to access products, services, and contact info for a business. It is a consolidated fact that an appropriately designed mobile app is able to deliver all this and more to potential customers. As well as, better customer services and improved engagement with new and repeat customers.

4. Gain Customer Insights and Improve the User Experience with a Mobile App

Mobile apps are able to deliver an impressive amount of data specific to the field of customer analytics. Using this information appropriately, your company could experience greater returns, not only in repeat customers but in profits. In addition, easy to use apps, compared to websites, are able to provide greater convenience to customers, thus making it very memorable.

5. New Audience and Increased Visibility

New audiences such as millennial’s have shown increased time spent on smartphone apps, even up to 90 hours per month on average. Your company can surely benefit from this new group of customers that simply love using apps. After seeing approximately a 30% increase in the time consumers spend on their smartphones, it would seem obvious that as a business you should be considering having an app created, one compatible with Google Play and the Apple App store. Your customers will look for you, will they be able to find your app?

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Kelly Oliver, Chief Financial Officer

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