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Published On: August 23, 2021
Author: Kenneth Pendleton

Unique Branding Opportunities That You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Your website or social media is not the only way to do you branding. See what branding opportunities you should be taking advantage of now.

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Branding is a big deal for businesses. It’s one of the best ways you can make your business stand out from your competition and be easy to identify. There are a ton of different methods that people use to brand their business, but here are a few unique ones you may not have considered.

Exterior Office Design

The design of your office can say a great deal about your business’s personality, values, and overall brand. This is generally apparent as you design the office’s interior, but that’s not the only place that matters. The exterior of the office is an opportunity to showcase your brand as well. Obviously, there’s the matter of your business’s name and logo on any signage that might be placed on the outside of your building, which should be consistent with the image printed or displayed on any other materials associated with your business. But the design of the structure, in general, will say something about your brand too, so choose wisely.

Vehicle Fleet Branding

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles? Or even just a company car or two? If you aren’t using your vehicles as an opportunity to showcase your brand, you’re missing out. Your vehicles are on display in front of hundreds of potential customers any time they’re being driven, which makes them a perfect advertising tool. Everything from the make and model of the car to any embellishments that are included on it, such as vehicle wraps, can be used to showcase your business’s brand. You can wrap a vehicle in just a few hours if the design is simple enough, so look into signage for your vehicle to get a quick branding upgrade.


Everyone brands their packaging, but not everyone gives it a ton of thought. Find ways to incorporate your business’s personality and values into your packaging beyond just the label, and let your customers know about it. If you want to showcase how much you value the environment, choose eco-friendly packaging options. You can include a message on or inside the packaging, or even a small gift, which showcases your brand values in a way a logo can’t.

If there’s a way you can work branding into any aspect of your business, it’s always a good idea. Everything, from the design of your office exterior and the branding of your vehicle fleet to your packaging, should be carefully branded. Last, remember consistency is essential–in all your branding efforts, make your business as easy to identify as possible.

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Kenneth Pendleton, Ad Specialist

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Kenneth Pendleton

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