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Published On: October 31, 2013
Author: Eric Oliver

Website Design Trends in 2014

Looking for new website design trends? Stay ahead of the game and the competition with our picks for the best website design trends in 2014 and 2013.

Our Best Guess for the Most Popular Website Design Trends in 2014

When searching for ideas online for new clients we often look at the newest and most up-and-coming trends we can find.  After much research here is a list of our picks for trends that fill out 2014 for us.  If your website does not incorporate these website design trends, maybe you can look us up to implement them for you.  Stay ahead of the game and the competition with our picks for the best website design trends in 2014.

  1. Retina Support
    Retina Support

    Retina Support

    Retina support is something that is already implemented but not widely used.  It is getting there and I think that it will be in full force in 2014 due to retina support with Apple products.  They have always been trend starters and I think retina support is another trend they may have cemented into website design.  I also think this is a good thing…we need cleaner, crisper images online and retina support is the first step to ensuring that all websites reach the potential of the new devices.

  2. Large Photo / Video Backgrounds
    Large Backgrounds

    Large Backgrounds

    This is another trend that has made it through most of 2013.  I think it will continue through 2014 especially with the adoption by the public.  It has become very popular and I think that trend will get strong as more people are able to push the envelop with interactive backgrounds such a moving images and videos.  This is a trend I do not hope to see die any time soon.

    The image seen above is from Treme.  If you want to see a good use of a full screen background with cool functionality, you should check out their website.

  3. Infinite Scrolling
    Infinte Scroll

    Infinte Scroll

    Infinte scoll is one trend I wish would die.  It is a cool effect, but one that is usually done wrong.  The infinite scroll usually takes forever to load and makes it hard to jump around to where you want to be and if you refresh the page…all bets are off.  Unfortunately, due to the coolness feature, I think it will be around for a while as well.  Hopefully, it gets better and makes viewing a website easy and simple but unless done one a tablet…I would not get my hopes up.

    The infinite scroll site displayed above is the Faces of NYFW site.  Check them out to see a correct implementation of infinite scroll.

  4. Single Page Website Design
    Single Page Design

    Single Page Design

    Single page designs have been popping up throughout the web all across 2013.  These sites are usually very cool and incorporate fixed headers / footers and large backgrounds displayed with subtle parallax scrolling.  I love single page sites.  Whether it is vertical or horizontal scrolling, I think they are very cool looking.  Some people have different opinions on single page sites for SEO and design puposes, but due to the coolness feature again, I think they will be around for a while.

    The image above is for a designer / developer that has been making headlines for his interactive resume.  Take a look at Robby Leonard’s Interactive Resume and see what a single page site can do.

  5. Fixed Headers and / or Footers
    Fixed Headers and Footers

    Fixed Headers and Footers

    Fixed headers and footers have been around for a long time but this is not a trend I expect to see die anytime soon.  It seems to have only gotten better with time.  New transition effects with CSS and jQuery allow us to push the envelop a bit more to make this aged featured timeless and new at the same time.

    The design above is a great example of modern uses of the fixed header.  It starts midway through the first page and as you scroll the header scrolls until it reaches a point…then it stops.  Pretty cool.  Check out Manos to see it in action.

  6. Flat Design
    Flat Design

    Flat Design

    You can thank Windows 8 for a revolution in flat UI design.  Now that Windows and Apple have moved to flat design, I fully expect everyone to use this new trend to the fullest.  It is basically cemented in stone because of Windows and Apple.  If it is done properly, it looks amazing, if not then…well, you know.  This trend is just not picking up speed, so don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

    You can see a great implementation of flat UI design at 123-Piano. Their style is amazing and very well done.

  7. Fully Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    Responsive design has been around for a while now but I only see it getting better.  Phone and mobile devices are more commonly used than computers now and within the next few years, experts believe that phones and tablets will become the only source for the general public…so businesses have been beefing up their mobile sites.  Thankfully, businesses and designers are moving away from the mobile landing page and into a more “responsive” design.

    Take a look at our own design for Big O’s on any device to get the same experience every time.

My Conclusion About Website Design Trends

Well, there you have it.  Our prediction about the hottest website design trends that will be commonly used among the web community.  Most of the trends listed are implemented already, but most are not widely used except for by industry leaders.  I think that this will shift as the website design trends above really start to speak to non developers / designers and the general public starts asking to have the trends implemented on their site.  For anyone interested in my two cents…use the above trends sparingly and do not try to be that guy that has every trend available implemented on their site.  If so, the website design trends above could quickly turn into another instance of Flash based design or what I think parallax designs will soon become.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article and if you would like for us to help you implement any of the above website design trends on your site , please contact us for more information.

Anyone else have any opinions about what is coming for the internet in 2014?

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