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Published On: June 27, 2016
Author: Eric Oliver

A Wedding Website Can Be Fun Too!

Something you don't want to worry about on your special day is a wedding website. If you want to get creative, it can be fun! Take a look at my experience.

I’m engaged! There are a few things that are on my must-have list for my engagement: a wedding, a cake, and a website. Of course, when you ask for a wedding your to-do list suddenly grows very long. Your schedule becomes busy with appointments and phone calls. Adding a wedding website on top of wedding planning and my job was something I could have shied away from. However, I knew that it was an opportunity to go all out to create something beautiful and fun. Here are some of the things I learned:


I didn’t have a lot of time to explore my options but I did know that I wanted something artistic. I wanted flowers, my 10 year old Chihuahua, and, of course, my man. The rest could be figured out along the way. I made several sketches and decided what I needed from my photographer. Soon, I had a concept for my wedding website – flowers that gave the viewer a window to us.


The Gulf Coast we will get married in gave us a direction on colors. It also helped tell our story in our photos. I brought in textures, a lady bug, floral elements that matched my dog’s collar, and a fun font. I was picky but kept my choices to what I had available to me. You have to be creative and try different things!


I mentioned I could have not taken on this goal because of an increasingly busy schedule. But sometimes difficult goals are worth it if it means expressing yourself in an authentic, meaningful way! It was my chance to do something challenging and worthwhile. Despite some frustrating hacking sessions, I learned more about code and design. I asked others at Future Design Group for help and learned from their advice to create my perfect wedding website!

So while this was an opportunity to express myself, it was also a chance to keep learning about my passion! I put in many hours of code and design to produce something I am proud of. Its my craft! And I wanted to share it to express my joy about a special person in my life.

Check out my wedding website! Pauline and Dave 2016.

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

About the Author

Eric Oliver

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience designing and developing websites, Eric has worked in every position of the agency ladder. He is fluent in multiple backend and front end programming languages and has written multiple international best selling plugins for WordPress. He has been part of or is still part of many startups. He is the Director of Website Development for Future Design Group and one of it's founding partners.