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Published On: September 29, 2015
Author: Allyson Gamard

What Makes for a Great Business Logo?

Want to learn how to make a great business logo? One of our designers show you how and gives you her insights into how to make a great logo.

What’s in a business logo? Look around you, brand logos are everywhere, we hardly even notice them anymore. But each time you see any logos a message is being communicated to you, to everyone. Creating a great logo means understanding what message you are trying to convey to your clients visually. Once the message is understood, then it’s time to design!

Six tips to designing a logo

• Communicate
• Catch the Reader’s Eye
• Easy to remember
• Simple
• B/W & Color
• Scalable

To Doodle or Not to Doodle?

Doodling out ideas is a great place to start when creating a business logo. Write down the message or what the mission statement is for the business. Think about what that message means, what ideas come to mind, write them down, sketch them out, any and all. Beginning process is messy, ideas should flow, pages filled. After brainstorming, look over the ideas you have, find one or a few that mean the most to the message the business wants their clients to understand.


Refine ideas to one solid concept. Based on that idea, design a business logo that is simple, yet eye catching and easy to remember. Simple logos are easy to manipulate across many types of branding locations. Some of the best logos are simple but they add small touches that create an identity for the business. Those small touches are what makes a logo eye catching and will make an impact on those who see it.

Finally, Color

Adding color can change the meaning of a logo, so research, which different colors palettes, would work best, but remember that a great logo works in one color as well as multiple colors. Too many colors or a business logo design that is too complex can distract or confuse the message. Play with color and get feedback on what adding color does to the original meaning of the logo. Another tip for a great logo is that it has the ability to be scaled, either super large for a billboard or really small for the side of a pen, so remember to consider whether the logo will work small or large.


These are all tips that I find helpful when designing a business logo, but as with most things without thinking, sketching, and playing with ideas you will never know what is the best logo until you make it. Many times just doodling has given me the right inspiration when designing a business logo, so go play!

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Allyson Gamard, Lead Designer

About the Author

Allyson Gamard

Lead Designer

Allyson obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in 2009 with an emphasis in marketing management. She holds art degrees in both Graphic Design and Web Development, and is certified in both disciplines. Areas of special knowledge include: typography, illustrating, photo-editing, page layout, and creative problem solving.