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Published On: August 2, 2018
Author: Kenneth Pendleton

What Your Design Says About You

Consider how your product and packaging design can communicate better with your customers about your business. What does your design say about you?

Do you know what you design says about you?

In the business world, it is all about competition for more customers which will result in an increased market share. This means business entities are always strategizing on how to come up with right competitive strategies that will outperform those of a competitor in the same industry. However, in the process of developing a unique competitive plan, business leaders and marketers forget to use their designing process as a tool that can be used to attract more customers towards the company. Product design can attract or repel customers. How your product looks on a shelf will help sway a customer’s decision about whether or not they should purchase your product. Want to get a leg up on your competition? Consider how your product and packaging design can communicate better with your customers.

What are your values?

The presentation of your business cards should display your business values and should be used as a method of influencing both partners and consumers in choosing you over your competitors. For example, if your business cares about the environment, you can choose to print your business card on an eco-friendly, recyclable paper that can easily be decomposed when it is disposed of. Small details like this might not be immediately noticed, but on closer inspection of the card’s texture and material, customers will notice this design choice. Be consistent with the small details throughout your business design and branding.

Are you memorable?

Color influences perception. It is one of the essential aspects used in a brand design that leaves a lasting impression of your product and your organization on the minds of the consumer. Choose enticing colors for your products so that they can distinguish themselves from competitor products and create a memorable character whereby people can easily remember your company and the quality of the products it offers to the market. This doesn’t mean that using all the brightest colors is best. Choosing a color scheme or palette with a few complimentary shades and a few contrasting shades is best. Think about colors that your demographic might like to see on their products. For example, women’s beauty products are often bright and flashy with neons and pastels, whereas many men’s personal care products might be packaged in more muted earth tones. Through colors, your products will be remembered more easily.

Do you make a good first impression?

The first impression is always significant when it comes to a marketer and the product as well. There are many products out there on the supermarket shelves or online stores. Sometimes it takes consumers lots of time and careful comparison before they decide which product they will purchase. However, a product with a good design is likely to create a better impression immediately after seeing it than a product with poor design. If there are two similar products of a similar quality and a similar price, the design might be the factor that pushes the customer in your direction rather than another. What qualifies as good design is a combination of a number of factors, including color schemes, textures, materials, packaging, and more.

Are you unique?

The chances are that there are different organizations producing products that have the same benefits as what your business produces and offers to its customers. To make things even more challenging, the companies are offering the same product within a specific price range, which can make the decision process difficult for consumers. This is the time that design plays a crucial role in determining what to buy. When presented with two choices that are very similar, customers will go for the product with the product design that they prefer. The industrial design of the product, how the information is presented, and the emotions that the packaging gives the customer–all of it is part of the decision-making process, and you want to consciously design every bit of it so that no detail escapes your notice.

Can the customer rely on you?

Consistency is a vital aspect when it comes to your business and the products you are offering to your target customers. Being consistent with your design helps customers to understand the necessary information about you when a particular person asks them. With a regular model, customers can easily understand your theme color and product shape. However, being inconsistent may create a perception that you don’t know what is good for you and your customers. It may present a confusing message about your brand and what your business represents and values. Moreover, continuous changes in product design may reach a point where your customers do not recognize your brand or your products anymore. This is a dangerous step towards becoming a forgettable brand, which is fatal for your business.

Are you simple or complex?

People don’t like complexity in their lives, and they are attracted to products with simple and clear designs. For example, products bearing complex terms scare aware consumers as they do not understand the product. Consumers view a product with an overly sophisticated design as a specialized product that is designed for a particular purpose. This means that most of the customers will buy alternative products on the shelves because they cannot clearly understand what your product is and what problem it solves. Having a good design can fix this communication problem. A simple product design with simple packaging and simple product information will communicate better with customers. Understanding your customer base can lead to the development of product design.

Design is part and parcel of your business, and it speaks or relays more information than you consciously realize. It is important that you modify your design such that it creates an image that you would like to be associated within the market. Exceptional design will provide you with a competitive edge over other organizations in the same industry. Remember the marketing potential of design, and always have a good designer on your side to help push your design to be better.


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