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Published On: July 13, 2016
Author: Allyson Gamard

What’s That, Google Primer?

Google Primer is a free mobile application that provides users with mini-lessons on a variety of marketing related topics. Learn more about Google Primer.

Keeping up with all the latest and greatest marketing tools can be overwhelming. New ideas and strategies are generated daily as fast as technology can help create them. When it comes to small business and trying to stay up in the game of content marketing, advertising, and general marketing, having available tools that are easy to use and not over complicated is great! Well, Google has released an app that does just that. In today’s blog we will discuss what Google Primer is, how it works, and list some of the topics that are out this week.

What is Primer?

Google Primer is a free mobile application that provides users with mini-lessons on a variety of marketing related topics. The app uses a simple design to help the user to engage with the lesson as they review a topic. The lessons are short, quickly available to review any time. Each lesson includes activities that the user is encouraged to participate in. The activities help to take the lessons learned and apply them to their lives and businesses.

Easy to Use!

Using Google Primer is really simple, download, open the app and pick a topic, easy as that! New topics are added each week, covering a variety of marketing and advertising areas. The app uses a flash card style to educate users, sliding the ‘cards’ up or down to move back and forth through the lesson. Most lessons offer activities for the user to participate in, using own name or business that helps to educate the user on the importance of the topic. The user can take from the app the tools they learn and apply them to real world business strategies.

A Few Topics!

This week’s topics include:
Brand Messaging
Creating Display Ads
Creating Landing Pages
Working with Keywords
Crowd Funding

You can review the older lessons, as well.

Google Primer is a great app! It provides information to businesses and individuals that can help them succeed. Download for free and start learning!

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Allyson Gamard, Lead Designer

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Allyson Gamard

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Allyson obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in 2009 with an emphasis in marketing management. She holds art degrees in both Graphic Design and Web Development, and is certified in both disciplines. Areas of special knowledge include: typography, illustrating, photo-editing, page layout, and creative problem solving.