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Published On: June 12, 2018
Author: Contributing Author

Best Web Development Practices for Business

The purpose of your business’ website is to maximize exposure and grow profitability, but what are the best web development practices to include?

Are you looking to create a website for your business? If so, the question becomes how to go about it. What kind of site does your business need? What language or framework should you use? What kind of features should you add to your website? Let’s remember, first and foremost, that the purpose of your site is to help maximize the exposure and profitability of your business. Keep those questions in mind, realizing that answers vary from one business to another.

FDG-Best Web Development Practices For Your Business

What languages and/or frameworks should you use?

That depends on what sort of functionality you are looking to get out of your website. If your site requires quick load times, then perhaps using ReactJS would be a good fit for you. Or you might consider using AngularJS, as many businesses use it because of how practical it is in regards to user interaction. Others use Ruby On Rails because of how useful it makes certain matters such as user authentication. Other business types prefer Node.js for the back end because of how much customization and configuration it allows with the Rails framework. We’ve added some tutorials and other useful resources for these languages and frameworks at the end of the article.

FDG-Best Web Development Practices For Your Business

What kind of features should I add to my website?

That depends on what kind of features your customer base is looking for and your time/monetary constraints. Different types of businesses have different features on their websites. An online wine retailer, for instance, will have a form where you can place a wine order that will ship to your address; a car dealership that does not have door-to-door delivery will not have the same feature.

Consider what kind of features your customer base is used to seeing on other websites that also market to them. Is your customer base tech-savvy millennials who prefer sleek-designs and who would be put off by your site not being responsive on mobile devices? Or are they baby-boomers where this isn’t as much of a necessary investment? It is recommended that you consult with a UX Designer about how your website should be structured and designed given your customer user base.

What about digital marketing?

Marketing is something else to keep in mind when creating and updating a website for your business. Some simple starting points are adding meta-keywords and a meta-description to your HTML. Many developers think these are unnecessary because they don’t render in the user interface, but the search engine bots do read them when processing your SEO.  Profitability equates to exposure when dealing with SEO and digital marketing, so if you want your site to show up on popular search engines, you have to appeal to search engine bots.  If you are building your website on WordPress, there are many plugins out there that can help you understand and enhance your SEO.

Tutorials and Resources:

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