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Published On: April 11, 2022
Author: Kelly Oliver

Principles That Can Help You Develop Better Products

When you have great marketing but still aren't selling, you may need to develop better products that your customers want to buy. Need help?

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To have a successful business, you need to have good products. While you may start out with great products, it isn’t enough to stop there. Continually trying to develop better products will help you keep customers happy with your business.


Kaizen is a Japanese term that means on-going improvement. It can be applied to many different things but is especially applicable when you want to develop better products. With this mindset, you don’t allow yourself to get too comfortable, meaning that your business will never be stagnant. In order to make improvements, regularly get feedback from your customers, employees, investors, and other people you trust. With constant feedback, you will know what changes need to be made to develop better products. As you listen to feedback, your audience will see your efforts to listen to them and feel very valued.


When you develop better products, make sure to pay attention to developing better product design as well. Implementing 3P in your product design can eliminate waste. 3P leads to a more streamlined, efficient process. Additionally, 3P product design also allows your company to be eco-friendlier. Developing better products is not just about developing more user-friendly products but ones that are more sustainable as well. The earth has limited resources, so a turn towards sustainable products as well as production is much needed. It is especially important to implement 3P in your product design as your business grows. As a bigger company, you will be producing more products and more waste, so it is imperative to be particularly aware and responsible.

The Customer Knows Best

You may have a very clear vision of what your products should be used for, but that doesn’t mean that they are actually used like that. When do consumers use your products? Why do they use them? For how long do they use them? Survey your consumers to find out the answers to these and related questions regarding what customers want. Once you know what your products are being used for, you can make specific adjustments to make your products easier to use.

Maintaining a successful company is all about innovation. Staying on top of your product game will help you stay relevant in today’s often unpredictable market. Even when you think you have the best product, there is always room for improvement. Better products are products that are easier to use, well-suited to consumers’ lives, more sustainable, and made more efficiently.

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Kelly Oliver, Chief Financial Officer

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Kelly Oliver

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Oliver is a Peruvian native who has been on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 12 years and enjoys good Spanish food and Salsa dancing. She has almost a decade of experience in the casino and retail field. However, after an opportunity to work in the accounting field presented itself, she found that she had a real passion for numbers and spreadsheets. She decided to pursue an Accounting career.